Song Lyrics


Objective:  To provide students with a break from the monotony of keyboarding textbook drills.

Procedure:  Sometimes it can be monotonous for students to continually key in assignments from word processing or keyboarding textbooks. To break up the routine in keyboarding or word processing classes have your students type the lyrics of popular songs.  Here’s how it works:  

  1. Obtain copies of a variety of song lyrics and then pass them out to your students. You can find a host of downloadable song lyrics online at This Web site contains a searchable database that provides the lyrics to thousands of popular songs.
  2. Instruct the students to key in the lyrics.
  3. Have your students print their songs and compare them for accuracy to the original song.

Materials Needed:  A variety of song lyrics printed out and then provided to students as handouts.

KeyMaster Variation:  After each song, ask the students to blackout 3-5 keys.  Repeat until the entire keyboard is blank.

Time Required:  One class period

Contributor: Larry Luehrs, Business Technology Teacher, Kahuku High School, Kahuku, HI

Download a printable version (pdf) HERE


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