Hide and Seek

hide and seek keyboarding activity presented by KeyMaster Electronics learning lights keyboard

PURPOSE:  Test student’s knowledge of the alpha and numeric key placement and identify keys that need additional review.

PROCEDURE:  As a class, ask all students to press the “Lights” key to blank out the entire keyboard.  Verbally announce one key at a time for the student to find.  Ask the students to press CTRL+ALT+KEY to unhide the key character.  If the key is identified incorrectly, ask each student to write down the missed key on a piece of paper. Repeat this process until all keys have been revealed.

At the end of this exercise, tally how many of each key were missed.  This will help you to identify which alpha or numeric keys the class needs additional instruction on.   Allow additional time for the class to complete review work for the identified keys.


KeyMaster Learning Lights Keyboard®

Alphabet card to mark off each key that has been read to the class

TIME REQUIRED: 15 minutes

CONTRIBUTOR:  Kelly Seale, Business Educator and CEO of KeyMaster Electronics, LLC

Download a printable version (pdf) HERE

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